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30 x 40 Acrylic on canvas


Titled *Shattered*, this striking piece is a 30 x 40 inch acrylic painting that commands attention with its vibrant palette and dynamic structure. The artwork showcases an abstract composition characterized by an array of multicolored shapes—greens, blues, purples, oranges, and yellows—all intricately outlined in black. These shapes interlock and overlap in a seemingly chaotic yet harmonious manner, resulting in a mosaic-like design that captivates the viewer's eye.

Against a soothing backdrop of various shades of blue, the bright and diverse colors in the foreground create an engaging visual experience. The interplay of colors and forms evokes a sense of movement and energy, drawing the viewer into the complexity of the piece. Inspired by the shattered spirit of a woman's soul, this artwork uniquely translates emotional depth into a lively and intricate visual landscape, offering both a powerful narrative and a captivating aesthetic.

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